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  • InsecTecs®: New formula for the high-performance insect cleaner.
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InsecTecs®: New formula for the high-performance insect cleaner.


Augsburg, January 2018 – This year, AUWA Chemicals has improved its current InsecTecs formula once again: the surface is wetted even faster and more effectively, thereby boosting the dirt dissolving power of this highly efficient insect cleaner. Put an end to insect residues on radiator grilles, windscreens, engine bonnets and headlights. With this highly concentrated lime-scented insect remover, AUWA is now offering a special cleaner for the rapid and effective removal of organic residues and deposits on glass and paintwork surfaces. InsecTecs belongs to the Best Performance TecsLine and is suitable for use in all types of car washes. InsecTecs allows vehicle wash operators to offer their customers a high-value car wash with insect removal that increases sales as a seasonal special programme.

Thanks to its high concentration of top-quality active ingredients, InsecTecs delivers outstanding cleaning results, particularly when tackling stubborn dirt, such as insect residues, bird lime and tree sap. This is achieved by using selected raw materials that are optimally tuned to each other and boost each other’s effect. The new generation InsecTecs not only offers a higher concentration of surfactants, but also a clearly visible increase in the foam performance of up to 10%. Thanks to this superb foam performance, InsecTecs is ideally suited for use as an active foam in gantry car washes without technical configuration for the chemical pre-wash.
By way of example, InsecTecs uses its alkaline components and selected surfactants to effectively remove dried on dirt whilst preserving the paintwork. In spite of its high alkalinity, this insect remover offers substantially better material compatibility over conventional high-alkaline pre-cleaners. In addition to the optimised hardness stability for optimal use of the product, even with hard water, InsecTecs is also sulphur-free and thus also ideally suited for car washes with service water systems. InsecTecs not only ensures car wash customers get off to a clean and fresh start in spring. Thanks to modern surfactant combinations, InsecTecs is also suitable as a fully-fledged all-year pre-cleaner for tackling autumn and winter grime, without comprising on the insect dissolving power. Great for operators who appreciate quality and always keen to offer their customers added value. InsecTecs thus ensures perfect cleanliness and a pleasant freshness in the wash bay all year round. The fresh lime fragrance produced during washing is the perfect finishing touch to the excellent cleaning results.

AUWA ( is a subsidiary of the WashTec Group. Based in Augsburg, Germany, WashTec ( is the world's leading supplier of innovative car wash solutions. WashTec employs more than 1,800 people and is represented through wholly owned subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in China and Australia. WashTec also has a presence in some 70 countries through independent sales partners.

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